Armed only with a hacking device, you will will have to sneak your way deep inside the core of an abandoned underground mining factory, taken over by a defecting AI.

Project Specifics

Team Size:                     14 developers

Development:            16 weeks

Engine:                            Unreal Engine

Genre:                             Stealth


Release:                        June 2020

Platform:                     PC

Main Features:

  • Combat-less & Stealth gameplay.
  • Minimal and immersive UI.
  • Hack device that lets you interact with the environment in multiple ways.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack that changes based on the intensity of the action.

My Role(s):

  • UI/UX Designer

UI/Ux Design and Implementation

  • Designed and implemented all the UI menus and UI- related features of the game, including:
    • Main Menu & its 3D Scene.
    • Cinematic Credits Menu.
    • Video, Audio & Control Settings.
    • Save system for Video, Audio & Control Settings.
    • Pause Menu.
    • Death Menu.
    • Loading Screen with dynamic backgrounds and “hints” system.
    • Save & Load Game Menu.
    • UI animations.
  • Implemented additional features to enhance player’s experience throughout the game:
    • Flashing Health on damage taken.
    • Screen Shake on damage taken.
    • Custom Objective/Distance Marker.
    • Detection Meter.
    • Saving & Saved Game dynamic notifications.
  • Created custom icons for:
    • Objective/Distance Marker.
    • Detection Meter.
  • Used UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics) UI Designer and Unreal Blueprints to implement all the UI widgets, effects and animations.
  • Used GIMP & Inkscape to create custom icons, backgrounds and effects.
  • Used Adobe Xd to design layout & functionality of the menus prior to their implementation.


  • Since I was the one responsible for design, art and implementation of the entire UI, I chose to adopt a minimalistic style. This, together with a well-planned prioritization, helped me to create a consistent style across the board and so being able to deliver all the required features in time.
Objective/Distance Marker
Detection Meter on enemy sight

Wireframe to in-engine implementation example

Case Study on Stealth Game Players

  • Player Persona on the relationship between the Stealth genre and its players.
  • Player’s Journey visualizing the player experience on a Stealth game.
  • Studied different Motivational Models in order to create a survey to gather data on players who enjoy playing Stealth games.
  • In order to gather data for Player’s Persona & Journey, I created and shared a survey  on stealth game communities that gathered 700+ responses in a couple of days.
  • Used Powerpoint to create the layout for both documents.


  • Both documents helped the entire team to tailor the game experience around a specific end-user.
  • We were able to create a mailing list from those who participated in the survey, in order to create a community able to playtest early versions/prototypes of the project.

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